Five Favourite Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Productivity Power Tools

Probably the best code focused extension for Visual Studio 2010 is the amazing Productivity Power Tools. It includes such gems as the Solution Navigator which lets you navigate to classes and members, search for references, and filter your solution to show only checked out files.

NuGet Package Manager

NuGet is an awesome open source package manager for the .NET platform, which includes a very large amount of third party libraries ready to use in a couple of clicks. Or, if you fancy, by using a PowerShell console. They totally get extra points for the PowerShell integration…

F# Outlining

The name pretty much describes what it does. Visual Studio 2010 was a pretty massive release for Microsoft, including F# for the first time. This is why I totally forgive them for not implementing outlining support for this fledgling language. Fortunately someone else did their job for them.

Spell Checker

Everyone wants to have properly spelt comments, especially when you’re using the XML comment features in the .NET languages to produce documentation for your customers. While this plugin is pretty simple, it works a treat and even supports custom dictionaries.

Python Tools for Visual Studio

Not just an extension, but a whole bunch of Python related win for Visual Studio. This latest version works with both CPython and IronPython which really increases the scope for these tools.

Don’t forget to couple these guys with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer for great justice.

Does Green Tea Give Me Migraines?

In the past I’ve had really bad headaches from what seems to be behind my right eye. For a while I thought it may have something to do with my glasses having the wrong prescription, but a recent visit to the opticians said there was nothing wrong with my right eye, and that the prescription hadn’t changed much. So even after the new glasses I’d keep getting these headaches – until, at some point, it stopped.

Fast forward a good number of weeks to now – and I’ve been feeling quite healthy. None of this headache business at all. That is, until today…

What did I have back then, and today – which I’d not had for a while?

Gunpowder green tea.

A quick Bing around shows us that there are other people saying similar things, but the thought had never crossed my mind before. I’ll have to lay off it again and see what happens.

Strangely, it didn’t seem to happen when I drank green tea from a bag, so maybe it’s the uber-detoxifying powers of Gunpowder that causes this to happen.

Also, on an interesting note, I’d never realised that my headaches are actually ‘textbook‘ migraines with aura. Cool.

This is just my experience though, and I’m sure I’ll follow up with more information, but I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had these symptoms.