TouchStudio for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Research has created a fancy project for Windows Phone 7 called TouchStudio – a scripting environment which allows you to write code on your phone with just your fingertips.

I’ve been playing with TouchStudio for a couple of weeks now, and I can definitely say it brings the fun of messing around with a programming language to the phone. But don’t expect to be creating any higher level applications just yet.

The language itself seems to be still in flux right now, including breaking changes in the V1.1 release. But it is a very modern and good looking language, without extra semicolons or curly braces that would be included if you were porting a language like C# over to the phone.

Check Channel 9 for some cool videos, or if you don’t have a Windows Phone you can check out a related project from Microsoft called Small Basic. While the language is totally different to the one in TouchStudio, it does seem to have similar goals for the end user.


TouchStudio 1.2 has been released. This includes new features such as posting to Facebook!