Rechargeable Batteries

I’m living in (the back end) of 2010 and I don’t even have rechargeable batteries? Well I finally got some.

I didn’t really trust them before, the last load I had (over 10 years ago) just seemed to be really rubbish, but research has told me that they are much better these days.

I got a Duracell travel charger which comes with UK, US and European plugs. In addition to a car adaptor, It also has the ability to charge USB devices – both from the batteries and as a pass through. Pretty neat.

I wonder how much money I’ll save… though saving our planets resources is most important.

Posting from anywhere!

One of the many benefits of using WordPress is the ability to post from many devices. Dunno why they add this signature though…

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Google’s next Android music app

I saw a very interesting video of Google’s next Android music application on Engadget. They have this background that seems to change colour, with plenty of glass UI chrome over the top.

Don’t think it’s quite as pretty as the Zune music application – but that’s just me! ;)