Experimental Rain Timelapse

It rained this weekend, lots. As an experiment I thought I’d try to do a time lapse video of the rain drops.

This video has gone!

This video was created with 200 photographs taken 5 seconds apart with my Canon 7D. The result was interesting, I think I’d like to try it again – maybe when it’s darker.

Office Life Timelapse

This video has gone!

I created another cool time-lapse video last week, and I think this one came out pretty well. As you can see, it’s not of the sky this time. Instead we get to see the busy life of the Branded3 offices in Aberford. Oh and the awesome music is supplied by Mike Jeffs. Good job.

My other time lapse videos:

Freezy Timelapse

This video has gone!

Unfortunately I wasn’t very well at Kielder Star Camp, however I did get a number of nice sky photographs as well as this timelapse video.

As you can see the camera froze over a couple of hours in to the ten hour session – maybe next time I’ll get some kind of heated band to go around my lens… it’s all learning!

Kielder Forest Star Camp

This video has gone!

It’s that time of year again – the 6th annual spring Kielder Forest Star Camp is just around the corner.

Previous years I’ve taken some very nice photographs of the surroundings, but I’ve not been particularly successful at taking anything impressive of the stars themselves… But hopefully this time I’ll make a couple of timelapse videos – probably not as amazing as the one above by the super talented Martin Whipp, but hey – watch this space!

Many thanks to the Sunderland Astronomical Society and the Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society for arranging both the spring and autumn star camps respectively. (Though both of their websites are so terrible I wont be linking them!)

Windy Timelapse

It was very windy yesterday, so I decided to make a little timelapse video!

This video has gone!