Lightning in Slow Motion

This video has gone!

Here is my first attempt to try and capture some lightning with my Canon 7D.

It was recorded at 60 frames a second then slowed to 1/4th time.

Plane Crossing The Sun

Last weekend I had my first play with taking photographs of our closest star through fellow astronomer Martin Whipp’s telescope *. After I’d taken a load of photographs I thought I’d just start off a video and see what happens.

Coincidentally an aeroplane ‘photobombed‘ the shot by flying between me and the Sun. Here it is slowed down to one quarter speed. Pretty cool, right?

This video has gone!

* Never point any kind of optical equipment at the sun unless you have a special filter! It’s very dangerous and could damage your camera, or worse – your eyes.

Fire in Slow Motion

Well it has been a few months since I did a video of Rain in Slow Motion, but here’s something a little more interesting… FIRE!

This video has gone!

This video was taken with my Canon 7D then slowed down.