The Moon with Saturn in August 2011

After my previous attempt was clouded over, I thought I’d try again to photograph the Moon (shown above) and Saturn together. Unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be – however I did manage to snap a photo of each separately, as well as a couple of rather nice sunsets.

Here’s Saturn (you might have to take my word for it) just before it set behind the tree line. I took this photo on the night of Thursday the 4th of August 2011, but I didn’t get any close-up pictures of the moon that night (even though it was clear!)

On Friday night I returned to photograph a better picture of the Moon itself. As you can see above, the clouds were back. But I didn’t mind too much, as having the clouds sticking around did result in a rather pretty sunset.

Here’s the Moon I was after, just peaking out from behind the clouds. I ended up with this rather pretty glow effect which you can see on the full resolution picture below…

As usual, I’ve uploaded the full resolution versions to Flickr.

New Moon in June 2011

I took this photo the new moon the other night, rather pretty looking I must say.

And again, the same photo just a little bit closer so you can see the detail.

Oh and while I was at it I thought I’d take a cheeky photo of Saturn! Does make me wish I had a telescope… one day I will!

Until then I’ll just have to make do with my Canon 7D.


Check out the full version of this photo on Flickr.