Jupiter and The Moon in February 2016

Jupiter and The Moon in February 2016

I happened to have my Canon 7D with me when I went into the office this morning, so I decided to take this snap of Jupiter and The Moon hanging out in the sky.

Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and The Moon in October 2015

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon in October 2015

I took this shot of Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon on my way to work this morning. I thought it looked rather nice!

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon in October 2015

And here’s a version with labels, just in case you wondered.

Mars and The Moon in April 2014

Star Chart

When I was looking at my Star Chart application last week, I noticed that on the evening of the 14th of April Mars would nice and close to the Moon in Virgo. I set myself a reminder walk up my closest hill and take some snaps.

The Moon and Mars

With almost-full Moon this bright you can’t get both celestial objects in the same shot without either Mars being too dark, or the Moon being be too bright. I don’t think it matters in this photo though, you can clearly see Mars, Theta Virginis and Spica through the trees.

I think it all looks rather nice.

Glow of the City

While I was up there waiting for it to get dark I took a few more photos. Above you can see the glow of Leeds in the evening sky, and below you can see Jupiter in Gemini.

Summer Sky

Later on in the evening, my American friends were able to enjoy a nice lunar eclipse. Here’s a lovely photograph taken by Jon Philpott through his telescope.

Lunar Eclipse by Jon Philpott

Jupiter and The Moon in August 2013

Jupiter and The Moon

I woke up around half five this morning to see a nice view out the window.

Jupiter was just to the left of the moon, providing a lovely and familiar sight that I hadn’t spotted for a while.

The Moon

Here is a close up of the moon itself. It is too bright to make out much in the way of surface features, but you can easily see the earthshine lighting up the rest of the surface.


And here is a close up of Jupiter from the same photograph. You can even make out the moons around it. (Just!)

You can see the full picture on my Flickr page.

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in May 2013

This weekend Jupiter, Mercury and Venus were nice and close together, so I decided to try and get a photo just after sunset. While the quality is not the best – it was great to get the opportunity to capture this event before the clouds set in.

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus