All-Ett Wallets

Around 2005 I got myself an original All-Ett canvas ‘sports’ wallet. Since it was designed for American notes, I had to be a little creative on how I stored money in it, but it was so much smaller than anything else I’d ever used and I was hooked.

When my canvas wallet started to get worn down, I decided to replace it with the leather version which looked to be even stronger. I was right, and it lasted many years! While I’ve been very happy with the performance over the years, recently the canvas part of the wallet had become unstitched – allowing cards to leak*.

As the quality and size was just perfect for me, I decided to get the same design as a replacement…

My new replacement arrived a couple of weeks ago, and again the quality of the workmanship has gone up. The stitching is now far better, making it less likely to happen again. Hopefully this new wallet will last me just as many years! I can highly recommend All-Ett if you’re looking for a thin and modern wallet design.

* Resulting in a rather lolworthy incident where I thought I’d lost my drivers license while out with friends in York.