Photographing Jupiter

I remember the first photo I took of Jupiter – well the first one that mattered anyway. I’d recently got a zoom adapter for my trusty old Canon G9 and I thought I’d try pointing it at Jupiter to see what I’d get. After a lot of playing with the settings, I managed to get this shot:

Jupiter Photo

What you can see here is Jupiter and some of it’s moons in a big mess of light. At first it just looks like some kind of camera movement – but upon checking WorldWide Telescope I confirmed that this was the correct location of the moons from my location at that time of night.

I was hooked, naturally. I thought I’d just share a few of the more recent photos of Jupiter – both of which were taken with my shiny new Canon 7D:

Photo of Jupiter and moons through the clouds

Jupiter’s moons through the clouds.

Photo of Jupiter and Uranus

Jupiter and Uranus (the bluish light at the top left)

You can see more of my photography on my Flickr website.