Ford Bluetooth

I got around to adding a few phone numbers to my car’s audio system today. Interstingly, it didn’t allow the use of ‘oh’ when saying the number – it always thought I said ‘hash’. Anyway, for future reference saying ‘zero’ is the way forward ;)

I also gave it a good clean while I was at it. Is every 1000 miles a good time to clean a car?

A Timelapse at Night

So I’ve not had many Internets recently (I’m working on it) but I just thought I’d post a video I did a little while ago. This is 1200 photographs of the night sky, created with my Canon 7D camera. Enjoy!

This video has gone!

Windows Phone Development

I’ve been developing for a number of different mobile versions of Windows for quite a while now – from Windows CE and Windows Embedded to Windows Mobile and now Windows Phone. Times have changed and the development tools have only got better!

I didn’t really get much development done on the Windows Phone 7 Emulator though – I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s just not as cool unless you have the real device, or something. But since I got my new phone I’ve been messing around and I’ve created my first (real) app.

Currently I’m in the process of testing and adding a couple of features before I’m ready for the first release to the Marketplace. Watch this space!