Scarborough Astronomy in November 2012

At the weekend myself and a few other members of The York Astronomical Society journeyed over to Scarborough for an evening of astronomy and good times. As well as looking through my friend’s telescopes – I also positioned my camera skyward to see what the dark skies of suburban Scarborough had in store for me.

As you can see there are still a large amount of stars that are visible by using a 30 second exposure, even tough there is a distinct orange glow when compared to roughly the same photographs taken from the dark skies of Thorner – my home village.

With Andromeda being my new favourite benchmark for dark skies, I performed my usual routine of pointing my camera towards the bright stars of Cassiopeia – here marked with the green lines. Andromeda is just to the right located inside the green circle.

In the full resolution picture you can see that Andromeda is clearly more than just a regular field star, even with the increased amounts of light pollution when compared to the streetlight-free Thorner image below.

I think this really goes to show the difference that street lights and other forms of light pollution has on astrophotography. Thankfully, it’s dark enough back home for me not to need an expensive filter for my camera.

  1. I’m jealous. Lol. I want to move now. :-p

    Great example of the problem of light pollution though. I have to say that your image makes it look worse than it appears to the naked eye, because of the long exposure. It’s another reason why I’m doing H-alpha. :-)

  2. Yea it is a good example! and you’re right it does seem a lot worse because of the 30 second exposures. You still get a lot of the same stars though!

    I bet some image processing would make it look a lot better :)

    H-alpha is the way forward for you though! Looking forward to seeing your results :D

  3. light pollution is hell, but you can still clearly see Andromeda, so im really impressed with the image!
    cant wait to see more!!! :) xx

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