Jupiter and The Moon on Christmas Day 2012

Jupiter and The Moon on Christmas Day 2012

Here’s a picture I took after getting home on Christmas day 2012. You can clearly make out both the moons around Jupiter and the halo around our own moon. The photo is not optically perfect because it was taken out my window, but I thought it looked rather nice.

  1. Nice pic. I’ve just been outside for the last 1.5 hour (from around 23:30) looking at this with the telecope my wife got me for xmas. I was zoomed in more on Jupiter and could see the bands (albeit a little blury).

    I was actually just looking at the moon and when I had enough I thought I would focus on the ‘star’ next to it – thats when I saw the bands and the moons.
    Worth freezing for :)


  2. I saw the moon last night with jupite.r did not have a telescope but was till a wonderful sight to see.

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