My Favourite Pen Collection

It’s quite hard to pick an individual favourite pen because each one is handy for different purposes. However a good start is to write about my favourite pen collection. This is an Edwin pencil case purchased from JetPens which contains a collection I call my “White Pens” – you’ll see why.

Edwin Pencil Case from Japan

The pencil case itself has two main compartments which open right out. Included are a number of pockets – though I mainly just keep a set of pens in each compartment, and only use the pockets when I need them.

My main pens are all black – with a pencil and eraser added in for good measure – both of which are extremely handy for university work. I generally prefer using black ink for writing, but I do like to change my inks. I’m rather fond of Uni’s Jetstream ink – but I also really like their gel inks. This is what makes up the main body of the pens, with a couple of extras to fill in the missing pieces.

I also have a set of colour inks which I use when making notes, creating diagrams and drawing mind-maps. These are all 0.5 mm and look really good together.

There’s always favourites among favourites – and in this case it’s the Jetstream Alpha Gel and the Kuru Toga High Grade. The pen is super comfortable and very thin (I put a 0.5 mm refill in there). It’s generally awesome for writing in small Moleskine notebooks. Whereas the pencil has a super cool revolving mechanism inside which keeps the lead sharp, this is what I use for writing most of the time while I’m at work.

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