Uni Brush Pens

Recently I’ve been making a lot of notes on A4 notepads rather than my usual Moleskines, and my usual Jetstream pens are a little to thin for what I’m looking for. So I’ve taken to using a Uni Double Sided Pocket Brush Pen – which I purchased a while ago from JetPens.

I’ve not really been using the fine tip, but it’s good to know it is there… it has a nice feel when you use it but right now I’m all about the big strokes of the medium tip. I guess it does depend on what you are looking for.

I also have a medium tip brush pen as well, and I have not used it as much as the double and you can really feel the difference in the two – the one I have been using feels a lot softer now.

Personally I prefer the single medium brush pen overall, rather than the double. But I guess it depends if you’re going to use that thinner tip.


  • Feels fantastic to write with
  • Nice thick bold lines
  • Great ink that doesn’t go through the paper


  • Brush pens go soft after lots of use
  • Looks like they’ve been out of stock a while