Keeping Mobile Charging Cables Organised

I love keeping things organised. In my opinion, the first things to focus on are those that you tend to use every day. Here’s one of my simple ‘life hacks’ for staying up and running while on the go.

As a user of technology (who isn’t?) I have a few mobile devices that tend to need charging fairly regularly and over the last couple of years I’ve managed to reduce the number of cables down to a minimum. Here’s how I’ve organised them into one container for easy use.

Shown above is the container for all my charging cables. It’s simply a mesh cube-shaped zip up bag which originally started its life as a toiletry gift set with a slightly adapted zipper.

Inside I have the following cables:

  • USB -> Mini USB
  • USB -> Micro USB
  • USB -> Nintendo DSi
  • USB -> Zune HD

In addition to this, I have an Amazon USB charging adapter which fits into UK power sockets, and an X-Mini portable speaker.

The benefits of having everything charge via USB are pretty obvious – the amount of space saved is huge and I don’t even need to plug anything into a wall socket if I’m close to a PC. The addition of the X-Mini speaker is simply because it’s awesome and it usually need power cables and the speaker at the same time.

This combination of cables brings simple charging and computer connectivity to most of the mobile devices I use, including my Kindle, Nintendo DSi, Zune, my telephone and pretty much everything except my MacBook and my Canon 7D.

It’s super handy to pick up when you’re about to be on the move, and I can definitely recommend setting yourself up with a simple charging kit like this if you use any more than one mobile device.