Snaps of the Sun with the Lumia 920

It is no secret that I love taking photographs of the sky, but taking my Canon 7D with me is not always possible. The camera you have on you most often is actually the best camera you have. And with the Nokia Lumia 920 I’m in good company…

Cold Sunset

Heavenly Clouds

Sunny York

Sun through the Fog

Steam at Sunrise

Lumia 920 & Canon 7D

Clouds, my lifes work

Lots of Clouds

Glider in the Clouds

Deep Blue Sky

Birds in the Clouds


Sun through the Clouds

Baloons in York

Pink Sky in York

Orange Sky at the Observatory

Sunset in Foxwood

Sunset at York University

Cloud at Sunset

Sunset at the Observatory

Cloudy Sunset

Samsung Omnia HDR Sky

Samsung Omnia HDR Field

Through the Clouds

Moon and Venus


Plane Crossing The Sun

Last weekend I had my first play with taking photographs of our closest star through fellow astronomer Martin Whipp’s telescope *. After I’d taken a load of photographs I thought I’d just start off a video and see what happens.

Coincidentally an aeroplane ‘photobombed‘ the shot by flying between me and the Sun. Here it is slowed down to one quarter speed. Pretty cool, right?

This video has gone!

* Never point any kind of optical equipment at the sun unless you have a special filter! It’s very dangerous and could damage your camera, or worse – your eyes.