Weekend Sky Photos

I took a few interesting photos over the weekend and I thought I’d share them with you here, as well as upload them to my Flickr account.

This photo of the sunset on Friday night was taken with my Canon 7D – as you can see it’s rather pretty looking! I used my ND filter here to get a long exposure, and then slightly modified the contrast using the ever-helpful Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The two photos above were both taken during the lovely sunshine of Saturday, with my Samsung Omnia 7 – and the HDR mode turned on. Nice effect to have really!

These final photographs were taken on Saturday night. My plan was to take some photographs of the constellations, but unfortunately the high up cloud didn’t clear while I was out there. I thought I’d share these attempts anyway.

I especially like this photo of a couple of contrails with Ursa Major in the distance.

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