Keep your night vision


Astrolight for Windows PhoneAstrolight is a simple red torch app for astronomers, designed and built exclusively for the Windows platform.

Why not just use any number of torch applications for Windows Phone? Well Astrolight is completely no frills. Pure red light, nothing more, nothing less. If you’re an astronomer, it’s important to be able to trust your technology. You need to know you wont disrupt your night vision with a white light.

Naturally astronomers spend more of their time observing at night, when night vision is essential. In the dark your iris fully opens to take in as much light as possible – a quick flash of white light will destroy this night vision, consequently this stops you from being able to see the faintest stars. However using a red light does the least damage to your night vision. Using Astrolight will help you to read your star charts without issue, and even if you’re not an astronomer, it’s very useful for reading maps at night!

It’s actually so simple, you can make your own with just two lines of code.

Version 1.2 Update

Astrolight is still as popular as ever with astronomers using Windows Phone, it now has over 4 stars average ranking. This update brings the new feature of preventing the phone from locking itself when idle.

Version 1.1 Update

Astrolight has had over 1000 downloads and has now been updated with support for Windows Phone 7.5 to include better multi-tasking.